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About the Practitioner

Laurel Wolfe Surles, LMT #17485
Licensed Massage/Myofascial Therapist
My passion since 1984  


Our bodies have a natural affinity for total health, seeking from a cellular level on up, balance, & with that usually comes a sense of well being. When a trauma or accident challenges our body with pain & dysfunction, it is important to find healing practitioners to assist our bodies in finding that healthy balance again.


I am continually amazed at the healing potential Myofascial Release (MFR- the John Barnes, P.T. Approach) provides for acute care. This amazing technique promotes deep relaxation, & in most cases, immediate pain relieve with long term healing effects.  Since 1995, I have done extensive studies with John Barnes himself, in MFR.


In 1984, my brother was in a serious motorcycle accident. He told his Chiropractor he was receiving wonderful relief from his pain thru the sessions he was receiving from me. Was there some way this could be included with his chiropractic sessions? I was invited to join his practice, & thus began the first instance of Therapeutic Massage Therapy being provided through a chiropractic office. What followed was 18 years of experience working in Chiropractic & Acupuncturist's offices, specializing in MVA's/auto accident cases.


I now offer this work through my office at Westlake Massage Therapy in Lake Oswego. All you need is an RX from your health care provider & I can bill the insurance party directly. Need a referral to an Excellent Chiropractor, Naturopath, Acupuncturist, or Physical Therapist? Give me a call. It is my job to seek out the Best health care practitioners for You!


Be it recent trauma from a car accident, including whiplash, low back pain, sciatica, areas with numbness, dysfunction or pain, to nagging chronic conditions such as migraines, restrictions in range of motion, an old sports injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, or TMJ, let me be part of your Healing Solution Team.


I have also spent many years in Spa & Wellness Center settings, & provide a world-class relaxation massage that helps you just let it all go & feel good again. We are continuing to learn about the harmful effects stress has on the body & mind.  "Stressful times require De-stressing strategies". Know that you have the power to find your peace again, & EVERY MOMENT holds the opportunity to choose a healthy fully lived life!  Regular massage therapy lets you practice that peace deeply.


I await the opportunity to work with you!

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